Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Titles and Introductions

Oh hello there! I see you have found me on the interwebs.

An apt place to begin is with the title. Emancipation is a strong word. I like strong formidable words, they bring out my inner nerd. It is a word that could suggest a lot of different things such as: Why do I need emancipation? What is oppressing me? But allow me to steer you down a more lighthearted path. My use of emancipation is really to suggest liberation and freedom, but not from some oppressive force outside myself. I prefer to suggest that education has facilitated my personal and academic growth, to develop the confidence and courage to break out of my fearful shell. Education has given me the tools to live a life that accesses the world.

A bit about me...
From a small and proud First Nations Tribe in Ontario, I find that I am most at peace near our lake. I was raised by determined, loving and encouraging parents and an older brother. My educational adventure began at 19 when I left our humble home to attend University in Ottawa. By age 24 my aspirations grew bigger and more geographically distant, my adventure continued to Dublin, Ireland where I graduated with distinction with a Masters in History. At the age of 27 the next big step is the D.Phil (It is really a PhD but Oxford being ancient prefers to use the older term D.Phil) at the University of Oxford.

Personal Motto...
Love Many, Trust Few, Hate None  

My purpose...
To Love, To Learn, To Teach and in this process help any other people along their journey. This blog is a place to document my experiences as well as to aid other students. The academic lifestyle is not always easy, but it is nice to know that you're not alone. 

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